Energy Concentration Device (ECD)

"Since we started using the ECD in our factory, we have had no problems with pests on our premises. Our salami products received 27 gold medals at an international competition in Ecologically Clean and Safe Food Production."
Klinsky Meat Processing and Packing Factory
Klinsky Meat Factory

"...The staff also detects the positive influence of ECD. Some teachers have managed to loose weight, improve family relationships, got healthier, feeling more energetic.

We highly recommend purchasing Energy Concentration Devices for your home, school, kindergarten or office.
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Pokrovsky Hills Child Activity Centre
pokrovsky hills

"After we installed the ECD in our milk factory, all pests, including rats and cockroaches were gone within 20 days. We highly recommend the ECD to other businesses."
Stupinsky Milk Factory

"Use of the ECD on the premises of a foods producer Niva
The range of factories owned by Niva includes:
- a bakery (producing more than 100 different product codes)
- a meat deli producer
- cakes, torts and assembled desserts range
- salads (over 700 different product codes)
- outlet stores

During the time that the ECD was in use at Niva, the following changes were observed:

  • a significant increase in the rate of production and sales
  • an increase in the efficiency of labour
  • an improvement in the quality and taste of the products
As a result, the company saw overall growth and progress in planning future directions."
Foods producer Niva
Zheleznogorsk, Russia

"Use of the ECD on the Temruyk Fishing Factory has increased the efficiency of the fish farming process by 5 to 6 times.

Since 2002 the Temruyk Fishing Factory releases more than 5 millions of young fish every year into Azov Sea and Kuban River.
Temruyk Fishing Factory
Azov Sea, Russian Federation

More testimonials to come...

Klinsky Meat Factory

The ECD at the Klinsky Meat Processing and Packing Factory

On the premises of a foods producer Niva

The ECD on the premises of a foods producer Niva

Fishing factory

Temruyk Fishing Factory, Azov Sea, Russian Federation


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