Energy Concentration Device (ECD)
Benefits of ECD

For Business

The Energy Concentration Device can benefit your business by increasing productivity through:

  •  improving employee wellbeing
  •  reduces workplace accidents
  •  improves production efficiency
  •  reducing stress levels
  •  improving the function and lifespan of equipment, such as computers and other machinery
  •  boosting energy for cognitive function (decision-making, problem-solving, innovation)
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For Home

The Energy Concentration Device can benefit the wellbeing of all living systems in your home by:

  •  improving communication between family members / housemates
  •  improving general health and wellbeing of people, plants and animals
  •  boosting energy for a more active lifestyle
  •  reducing the occurence of negative communication patterns
  •  increasing resilience in times of stress or grief
  •  improving sleeping patterns
  •  regulating your blood pressure
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