Energy Concentration Device (ECD)
Energy Concentration Device (ECD)
The "El-Star"   The "El-Mini"
The El- Star   The El - Mini
275mm, height 380mm
radius of function: 400 meters

Activates the path towards creativity and positve change. The shamrock is the basis of this ECD, and it is a symbol of universal force. This ECD helps you build a strong foundation for the success of future endeavours.
150mm, height 190mm
radius of function: 240 meters

Helps to eliminate distortions in the internal world of humans and normalises temporal rhythms.
The "Star"   The "Mini"
ECD    energy
radius 275mm, height 200mm
radius of function: 75 meters

The principle of the Star, which
is manifested in Creation, helps
us feel connected with the Universe, and encourages the process of spiritual development and scientific understanding
of the world.
radius 275mm, height 200mm
radius of function: 12,5 meters

A convenient size for the car or to take with you on a business trip or holiday.
A pyramid shape device   A spiral shape device
Energy concentration device    Energy concentration device
275X275mm, height 200mm
radius of function: 15 meters
diameter 275mm, height 200mm
radius of function: 25 meters

How it's made

The Energy Concentration Device is constructed using:

1. The principle of a three dimensional (harmonic) spherical oscillator, which is the main core of every living system.
For those who are less familiar with physics or mathematics, the easiest explanation would be from the dictionary: Oscillator:
2. Something that moves to and fro; a system or device that oscillates.
3. a. An apparatus for generating oscillatory electric currents, or for generating electromagnetic waves by means of such currents.
(Oxford English Dictionary)
2. The principle of the Reich accumulator, which is in the centre of the device (sphere). It works as a capacitor and has a programmable element inside. It is made of electric and dielectric mediums; the latter has the property of transmitting electric force without conduction.

3. A pyramid shape, designed using golden ratio.

"The golden ratio has fascinated intellectuals of diverse interests for at least 2,400 years..."
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The Golden Ratio and shapes in architecture.
How it works?

The Energy Concentration Device (ECD) accumulates energy from the surrounding 25 - 400 meters diameter (depending on the size and type of the device), transforms it and then transmits it back - creating a zone of high positive energy, which is more favourable for any living system - humans, animals, plants.

This positive energy zone is acquired through the shape of the device, the material it is made of and the programmable element inside the sphere.

There are three types of devices:
  • a pyramid shape (1) view Patent (PDF document, 145KB)
  • a spiral shape (2, 3, 4) view Patent (PDF document, 136KB)
  • the "Star" (3)
Why do you need it?
Did you know that the human body requires a certain amount of energy to live? Usually, we attain this energy from the food we eat. However, our meals, fruits and vegetables contain less energy (as well as nutrients and minerals) than they did 30 years ago. Moreover, not all human bodies can absorb it fully from the food and convert it for use by the body.

We need at least the required amount of energy to perform well in life.
Most people live on only 30 to 40% of the required amount of energy. Some of the factors that account for this include stress, interaction with other people, pollution and illness.

We think that energy is used mainly for physical activities, such as getting up to go to work in the morning or exercising. We also use energy to digest food, to be able to see, think and interact. In addition, we need energy for things like spending quality time with family members, being able to rest /sleep without the aid of sleeping pills and having an alert mind to perform at our peak in our studies or work.

Ever used the phrase "I have no energy left" at the end of a hectic working day? Most people have experienced this feeling even though they had good meals throughout the day.

The ECD increases our energy levels by between 160 to 200%, allowing us to make the most of our day.

What does "high positive energy" mean?
You probably have experienced different types of energy yourself. You could feel when a person is angry or upset, or cheerful and happy. Sometimes, talking to an angry person (e.g. communicating at work) can leave you feeling angry or depressed. This means that the "negative" energy (anger) stays behind even after that person leaves. This is also similar to the feeling of sadness which remains after people have an argument. Feelings such as anger and sadness emanate negative energy. All energy, according to the law of physics, cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Furthermore, this negative energy attracts other negative energy, which we call a "chain reaction".

The ECD will help to transform any electromagnetic waves/radiation (from mobile phones, microwaves, computers etc) that are harmful to humans, into energy waves which can be "consumed" by any living system (plants and animals). People will be more likely to experience serenity and peace, love and happiness. High positive energy fosters positive feelings and boosts people's wellbeing, helping them to be more active and alert.

A visual representation of some electromagnetic radiation (which we do not see) in an apartment:

Electromagnetic waves

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ECD "Ball - Oscillator"