Energy Concentration Device (ECD)
Areas of application
Small goods producers
The use of ECD on factory premises helps to:
  • eliminate the presence of pests, such as mice and rats
  • keep product safe in case of emergencies, e.g. - power failure
  • impove the taste of the product
The use of ECD in the car helps to:
  • reduce fuel and energy consumption
  • increase durability and efficiency of vehicle parts
  • reduce greenhouse emissions/pollution
  • improve awareness and wellbeing of driver and passengers
Oil refineries
The use of ECD in oil refineries reduces the viscosity of oil by 50%, which is beneficial for the mining, processing and transportation of oil.

Fish farming
The use of ECD increases the efficiency of the fish farming process by 5 to 6 times. This helps to reduce the harmful impacts of the fishing industry, such as overfishing in times of high demand.

The use of ECD in hospitals, medical centres and community health centres:
  • Reduces operational and post-operational mortality
  • Reduces viscosity of blood, which helps to relieve painful leg cramps caused by poor circulation
  • Normalises the blood pressure
  • Causes positive change in the immune system by stimulating the activity of leukocytes
  • Reduces stress levels of health professionals and patients
Education, Childcare
The use of ECD in childcare centres, schools and universities helps to:
  • improve communication amongst the children/students
  • reduce stress level
  • enhance learning processes
  • improve concentration and organisation skills
  • improve overall wellbeing of teachers and students
  • reduce absences due to illness
Private houses
The use of ECD in your home helps to:
  • reduce stress levels and improve communication between family members / housemates
  • improve sleeping patterns
  • improve the overall wellbeing of people, pets and plants
  • eliminate pests, such as mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, etc.
Public Places
The use of ECD in shopping centres, offices, banks, stadiums, theatres, museums, galleries, transport terminals and stations hepls to:
  • reduce stress levels
  • reduce workplace accidents
  • create a welcoming atmosphere
  • improve the overall wellbeing of people working in the area and plants
  • eliminate pests, such as mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, etc.
Download ECD Brochure for more details (PDF format, 1.9MB)

The ECD - Scientifically tested

Scientific testing of the ECD in many areas has proven its positive effect on human health, plants and animals as well as the environment in general. Here we list only some of the areas. If you would like to know how the ECD can help you, please contact one of our representavies. The ECD also helps to reduce electromagnetic forces in geopathogenic* zones.
vegetables growers
vegetable and flower farming

oil refinaries
oil mining and production

primary producer farming

hospitals, medical centres

homes, schools, childcare centres

*geopathogenic zones -
read more about geopathogenic zones in a field of healthcare